Choose the best program for you

I guide each client with great commitment and responsibility.
There is no other such comprehensive food therapy service that will provide you with the right system, adequate support and responsibility for the entire process of change.


Body Transformation Program – 90 days

Monthly payment

PACKAGE 90 days

MIND and BODY program – 90 days

Monthly payment

PACKAGE 90 days

Understand Your Metabolic Pattern program – 30 days


The CLEANSE program

14 days

21 days

Joining the program is a mutual commitment to cooperation for the period specified by the program.

What  will you get:

  • 60-minute initial discovery call to assess need and fit, after which you will decide which program you are interested in
  • 50-minute initial intake and assessment session
  • 50-minute weekly sessions in person, by phone or online
  • Creation of individualized treatment plan
  • support and advice on the necessary supplementation
  • educational ressources aimed at solving your specific problem at a given stage of the program
  • personalized menus and recipes adapted to the stage of program implementation exploration of alternative support options, such as Mind-Body Therapy, liver detox, acupuncture, diagnostics and diet therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • e-mail and telephone support between meetings, at the agreed time and system
  • Non-judgmental, approachable and safe space

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