MINDBODY Therapy is an original, comprehensive program run by two therapists: a dietitian and a qualified psychotherapist. The program is based on food therapy and additionally provides therapeutic support in a selected psychological aspect.

This innovative double approach is highly effective and makes this program unique.

MINDBODY Therapy is a holistic program that combines work dedicated to the discomfort felt in your body and to the emotional aspects related to your physical symptoms.

 MINDBODY Therapy program is for you if:

  • you eat compulsively,
  • you feel that you are losing control when stress takes over your body,
  • you do not accept your appearance,
  • you are obese and cannot lose weight,
  • eating is stressful for you,
  • you are depressed and have severe digestive problems,
  • you do not control the habit of eating sweets,
  • you need holistic support in dealing with your own health problems,
  • you feel ill and you cannot come to terms with your illness or the illness of your relatives,
  • you have acid reflux, stomach pains after eating, diarrhoea, or other severe gastrointestinal symptoms you cannot deal with,
  • you are a young mother with lactation problems and are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression.


Two therapists, one program

During MINDBODY Therapy you will notice specific changes in your body, your metabolism, your way of thinking and in your behaviour, and you will receive emotional, psychological and nutritional support.
This highly effective program covers 90 days of working together, and 12 individual 60-minute virtual or face-to-face meetings. In their work with you, therapists use their own therapeutic diary which binds everyday activities together, and serves to observe the current changes taking place while implementing the program.

 MINDBODY Therapy includes:

  • dietary support in the field of nutrition and lifestyle leading to permanent changes in your body,
  • psychotherapeutic support related to the problem you struggle with,
  • a package of curated information to suit your individual needs and your challenges,
  • concrete, depending on your symptoms, recommendations regarding movement and body work,
  • additional e-mail contact,
  • a phytotherapy proposal focused on your ailments,
  • conscious bodywork (yoga, dance, breathing).

Each individual is different , has specific needs and experience diverse life conditions.
The therapy can be extended for 90 additional  days in order to obtain subsiquent goals.

We use methods oriented on therapeutic effects, we support  food therapy with  the knowhow of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and phytotherapy.

We are interested in your entire health, we have a holistic approach to your body. We ask questions about everything that may affect your body, we recommend tests, we associate  facts, and when in doubts, we refer to specific doctors.

We refer to self-regulation process of the body, so that you’ll improve your health without risk.

We get to the root cause.
We help to discover the true cause of the disease and we deal with it

Our recommendations and psychotherapeutic therapy are tailored to the specific needs of your body and your current state of mind, because each and everone is a unique individual.

No additional drugs.
Individual food therapy supported by psychotherapy and lifestyle changes makes it possible to limit the amount of medications used.

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