Modern woman's health and health coaching

Your lifestyle and the way you eat largely influence your well-being, your health, your appearance, your energy level and the so-called life efficiency. Individual nutritional therapy for a modern woman is a specially designed program of nutritional procedures tailored to the unique needs of your person.

No two persons are alike. You are the only unique whole. That is why I take into consideration the entire state of your health – not only its fragments. I carefully search for the causes of the symptoms that bother you and select individual nutritional procedures to act at the root of the disease.

We are often aware of what we should be doing to lead a healthier lifestyle. We know that we should move more, eat healthier, and take care of regular sleep. But knowledge alone is often not enough, and due to a lack of motivation or persistence, we are unable to introduce supportive, healthier habits into our lifestyle. In such situations, the process of coaching may be helpful for you, in particular health coaching.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Health Coaching in Brief, is for women who want to:

  • eat consciously, naturally and in accordance with the needs of their body,
  • be physically active and understand that exercise is the basis of health,
  • loose weight that they couldn’t get rid of so far,
  • deal with stressful situations and learn to optimize stress,
  • set yourself goals related to the improvement of the silhouette and appearance,
  • regain healthy behaviours and habits that support a healthy lifestyle,
  • be vital, effective and have more energy,
  • understand your ailments,
  • quit smoking and do not abuse alcohol.

We will go through the process of change together. During the first 90 days, you will recognize your needs, identify areas where you want to make changes and start working consciously with them. You will notice your internal and external limitations,  your beliefs that make difficult for you to achieve your goals and you will start to deal with them, yourself. As a health coach, I am supporting you in setting your priorities, on the way to a healthy lifestyle, in order to discover the power of your inner motivation. Thanks to my experience of working with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will learn about the assumptions of this approach to health and to the preventive healthcare, you will learn to recognize symptoms according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) and choose food according to TMC dietetics. I will also introduce you to the basic herbs available in Europe, I will teach you to use medicinal vegetables.

During 12 individual  sessions of the program:

  • you will create an attractive vision of what you want to achieve;
  • you will specify your goals;
  • you will develop the skills to make the right decisions;
  • you will plan your actions step by step on the way to change;
  • you will strengthen your commitment and motivation;
  • you will discover your own unique solutions.

As a result of my programs, clients improve their quality of life and increase satisfaction in various areas, such as: family, career, work, finances, physical condition, free time. They change their look, they can also work with their kids on  different changes, e.g. nutrition, recovery after oncological therapies ect.

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